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Pagan Wanderer Lu - The Independent Blogs Pt. 5 - The Future - Pagan Wanderer Lu [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Pagan Wanderer Lu - The Independent Blogs Pt. 5 - The Future [Jun. 19th, 2009|02:13 pm]
Pagan Wanderer Lu

This blog is about The Future. Aside from the enticing possibility of us all living in space inside a laserbeam there will also, I hope, be a few more Pagan Wanderer Lu records.

Ever since I finished making ‘Fight My Battles For Me’ last year I’ve been working on new songs and new approaches to recording them. I’ve basically written another album’s worth in that time and I’m hoping to fly in the face of received music industry wisdom and get it released as soon as possible. We shall see.

Used to be that David Bowie and the Beatles would release two albums a year. Now you’re lucky if your favourite band can churn out one patchy album every two to three years. I have literally no idea why this should be. I blame Gordon Brown, seems to work for everything else…

See? anyone can be a satirical cartoonist!

Anyway in a bid to whet your appetites for my future works here’s one last free song. A new track called ‘The Great British Public Becomes Self-Aware’. This was actually written and intended to be a track on ‘Fight My Battles For Me’ but I didn’t get a version I was happy with in time.

Lyrically it concerns the way people can inadvertently make bad decisions by paying too much attention to the wrong information. Everyone knows the media distort things to suit their own ends and sell more papers, yet very few people actually take the trouble to investigate for themselves. And who can blame them? Life’s complicated enough without having to check every reference – especially when the most hate-filled newspapers don’t even bother to provide any references. Anyway ho hum….

Musically the song’s quite different from anything I’ve done before. It’s got a sort of dark funk feel to it, this isn’t really indicative of a ‘new direction’ or anything because I always tend to go in several directions at the same time. Generally I’m trying to make the new stuff sound a bit less ‘lo-fi’, going for a fuller richer sound. Making efficiency savings. That sort of things.

MP3: The Great British Public Becomes Self Aware

I pass this every day on my way home, delightful….

It feels timely to get this song out now in the immediate aftermath of the BNP getting elected. I’ve already written about this on my regular blog. Suffice to say, if you voted BNP thinking you were making a reasonable statement about economic migration you should ask for your vote back.

So tomorrow will be my last blog. In which I will finally discuss the issue of my name. It’s been fun writing for you all. If you want to continue reading my esoteric wafflings make sure you go to my regular blog and follow my twitter.

Until tomorrow then, got some stuff to do...

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